This lockdown steals the graduation experiences from the high school seniors the way I stole them from myself in 2000, choosing not to celebrate the new beginnings with my classmates and turning to my inner demons instead. They weren't bad, those demons: a little bit of shyness and a sea of fear, but they must have been putting in the overtime back then.

Before the virtual 20 year class reunion the other day my mind raced from being terrified, excited, nostalgic, sentimental and many other things as time ran off and the event approached. And when I joined it felt as if we never parted. In spite of all attempts erase them and forget. I knew them, I knew them well and it felt safe.

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This is how we have been meeting our nieces for the last couple of months.

We finish the work and hurry out, leaving our home office behind. Living one nice bike ride away girls usually greet us approaching. Their curious noses flat against the window and smiles beaming from ear to ear. And we catch our breath after a ride up the streets of sunsetty Vilnius. We chit and chat, exhaust the phone batteries for calls as we need a way to talk without playing on the nerves of neighbors. And we play with cameras too. Once it had even turned into an almost real photoshoot. Our lockdown photography project:)

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